IJMB means Interim Joint Matriculation Board. It is an advanced level (A’Level) programme for Direct Entry (DE) admission to 200Level (year two) in any universities in Nigeria.

The IJMB programme is in the same category with A’Level Cambridge, A’Level GCE London and the old Higher School Certificate (HSC) of the 1960s and ‘90s. IJMB students do not need to sit for JAMB-UTME examination, since JAMB-UTME is an ordinary level (O’Level) entry examination into 100Level (year1) in the universities.

For clarity sake, it is important to remind you that there are two mode of entry into Nigerian Universities namely;
i.  JAMB-UTME, which is for 100Level (year1) admission
ii.  JAMB-DE, which is for 200Level (year2) admission
Candidates that use JAMB-DE mode of entry to the universities are IJMB candidates, Ordinary National Diploma (OND) and Higher National Diploma (HND) candidates, universities graduates that want to go back for another degree, National Certificate of Education (NCE) candidates, A’Level Cambridge and London GCE candidates, etc.

Upon admission to the universities, IJMB candidates are having no discrimination but instead, they are given better recognition and respect because of the academic excellence that IJMB students have been known for. All JAMB-DE students, among whom IJMB candidates belong, also participate in the Universities Matriculation as freshers, Convocation Ceremonies for graduating students and, they equally go for the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) without any discrimination or victimization.

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    • Very simple. First you Make up your mind, then purchase the pin for the online application form for 5k. That’s how you start.

  1. What of someone that has only GCE? It it qualify to get admission to any institution? I ask to know, thank you & have a good day.

  2. Pls snd d direction 2 ur center 4rm sango-ota in ogun state..aw do i go abt d journey

    • You minus 3 months from one year. The answer is nine months only. IJMB program is for 9months

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